Dollar Tree Tablescape

Dollar Tree Tablescape
I wanted to share my Christmas Tablescape from last year…enjoy!

  I purchased EVERYTHING from the Dollar Tree.
-Foam for base (had on hand)
-Dowel rods (had on hand)
-Gold paint (had on hand)
-Tissue paper for base and trees: $1 (didn’t use all of it so I have left over for gift giving : )
-Gold teacher border for base: $1 (have TONS left over…have no idea what to do with it : )
-Ornaments: $4
-Large foam sphere: $1
-2 pack of small foam spheres: $1
-2 foam trees: $2

Start with a long piece of floral foam or 2 short ones. I just used what I had on hand.
Since I used 2 pieces I used floral u pins to pin the 2 pieces together.
Then I took gold tissued paper and wrapped the foam with it.
I found this gold teacher border at the Dollar Tree and thought this would be a great addition to my centerpiece!
I glued it around the sides of my tissue paper wrapped foam to give it a more finished look.
Now onto the topiaries…take the top of the ornaments off.
Use hot glue to adhere the ornament to a foam sphere. NOTE: If I were to do this again I would spray paint my foam gold. 
Continue gluing until the sphere is covered like above! I painted dowels rods gold and stuck them into the base then stuck my completed sphere onto the dowel rod. I made one large one for the middle and two smaller ones for the sides.
Now onto the trees…I cut strips of tissue paper.
Then modge podged them onto a foam tree.
Continue applying strips of tissue paper until the tree is covered, let dry, and hot glue to your base like above.
I had some extra ornaments that I added as accents and VIOLA…
A fabulous and flashy centerpiece for $10!
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  1. Such a fun centerpiece!


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