Printable Christmas Memories Collection

Printable Christmas Memories Collection
Thanksgiving is next week which means Christmas is right around the corner!  YIKES!  I created this Christmas tablescape and Christmas dessert table to showcase my Printable Christmas Memories Collection.
My Christmas memories are of ornaments, Christmas trees, grandma’s kisses, snow, wreaths and of course presents!  I designed the collection and the Christmas dessert table around these memories and threw in some red chevron, YUM!
4 different patterned papers are included in this collection.  I used the red chevron paper and layered it between my dishes.  Wrapped it around crystal light containers to serve as vases and as candle wraps.  Patterned paper doesn’t get enough credit.  There is so much you can do with it!
I accented each place card with small rhinestones.  So easy and it adds a little sparkle to each place setting.
I took the 2″ party circles and cut a slit half way up and slipped it onto each water glass.  Party Circles are not just for accenting favors and treats!
A pendant banner featuring a collection of red and white patterns is also included in this collection.
The Christmas dessert table features “Ornaments” which are green cookies strung with red ribbon on a mini Christmas tree.
Yogurt covered raisins is “Snow” and held in paper cones I made from polka dot paper.
Christmas Trees are iced brownie pops!  
You can’t have Christmas without kisses from grandma!  Hershey Kiss stickers are included in the collection. Printed onto sticker paper and stuck onto the bottom of kisses are the perfect addition to every holiday dessert table.
I decided to do something totally out of the box and make a wreath out of mini cupcakes!  A tutorial on this pretty will be coming later this week!
You can use the 7″ party circle to make a shirt for your little one or as a centerpiece.
If you would like to purchase this collection please visit my Party Like Paula shop!
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