Place Card Tutorial

Place Card Tutorial
I see them everywhere! Overpriced place card holders that I want to throw in my cart, but I know in the back of my head I can make them for way cheaper! Why oh why can’t I be a normal person and just buy them! Well check out how I made mine for 12 cents, YES REALLY!
I spotted these pretties at the Dollar Tree. 10 pack for $1…that is 10 cents an ornament?! How could I pass that up? The only draw back is that they won’t stand up by itself, so, it needs legs! I was inspired by a Halloween project Maddycakes Muse made this past October that you can see here, look at the legs on the pumpkin!
Start by puncturing the bottom with a pair of scissors and making a small hole. Please don’t let your kids see you do this because it’s kind of dangerous lol : )
This is really hard to see, but cut 3 slits. One on each side of the circle and one up the back.
When I saw these ornament hooks I knew I could use them as legs and 40 for $1, PAlease that’s awesome! What is that like 2 or 3 cents per hook.
I slid ornament hooks into my slits and glued them in place to act as legs.
Now for the holder part…place ornament hook onto the top of the ornament.
Then twist it around and up like above.
There you have it! A super cheap, but chic ornament place card holder
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  1. Still a great tutorial! Thanks for bringing it over!

  2. Now that is thinking outside the box! You can’t beat the price and they look just as good! Great job.


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