1950′s Hot Rod 2nd Birthday Party

1950′s Hot Rod 2nd Birthday Party
1950′s Hot Rod Birthday Party was the perfect theme for my car loving 2 year old!  Today I want to share a party that is close to my heart.  My baby turned 2 and we celebrated 50′s style!
As I scoured the Internet looking for 2nd Birthday Party themes for my youngest this past winter I did not see too many decade themed parties.  This lead me to the 1950′s era.  My 2 year LOVES cars with a capital L and hot rods were popular in the 50s.  Once I stumbled upon this yellow hot rod ride on toy with red flames I knew what the theme was going to be AND what his present was!!  A 1950s Hot Rod theme it was.
I designed a “mechanical” invitation with a hot rod at the bottom that moves back and forth.  What boy wouldn’t absolutely adore receiving an invitation with a movable car on it!  My main colors were black, white and red with a black and white checkered pattern.  Purchase the Hot Rod Invitation here.
The birthday boy wore a custom tshirt I made using the printable party circle from my printable party package.
Guests were treated to a “SNACK SHACK” that served up veggie cups in printable fry boxes accented with a party circle.  Soft salted pretzels were held in old time red and yellow diner baskets.  Vintage styled popcorn bags contained buttery and cheese popcorn.  Strawberry soda and water were wrapped in printable water bottle wraps.  Fizzies are small tablets that are dropped in water and took place of soda back in the 50s.  I had a package, but they were not received well!  Good thing they did not know what “real” soda tasted like back then.
A 1950s party wouldn’t be the same without an ice cream parlor.  I made the backdrop from black and white checkered fabric.  An old time Cole’s Ice Cream Sign hung from the middle with red and white pendant banners.  I dipped ice cream cones in chocolate and sprinkled them with colorful sprinkles.  Fun sundae glasses with red and white paper straws awaited guests.  Toppings included strawberries, butterfinger, heath, Oreo, cherries, hot fudge, caramel and whip cream.  Guests had their choice between chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  I had a blender off to the side for those who wanted a milkshake!  On the left side of the table I created ice cream floral arrangements.  I used the same technique as I did with the dining table centerpieces.  
The dining table was covered in a basic white tablecloth.  Vinyl records I purchased from The Goodwill made unique place mats 1957 Hot Rod boxes were placed on each record and red napkins were wrapped in printable napkin rings.  I made a table runner out of some left over black and white checkered fabric.  The centerpiece was composed of vintage styled milkshake, sundae, and coke glasses.  I hunted those glasses down all around town!  I was surprised I didn’t find more, but was happy with what I did find.  I made the centerpieces to look like ice cream by using Oasis Rainbow Foam Powder.  White carnations resembled vanilla ice cream and a mini red carnation served as a cherry.  I placed red and white paper straws in a couple of the arrangements to look like milkshakes.  Mini hot rods were sprinkled around the arrangements and guests were able to choose one before leaving.
An old bar cart I purchased from Goodwill and cleaned up served as a fabulous location for the cake.  A printable Happy Birthday banner hung above the cake and a Cole banner hung below the cake.  I wrapped a large hat box in flame fabric that made the perfect cake stand.  For some reason I decided to take on the cake…as if I hadn’t made enough for my sweet lil 2 year old!  I baked a double fudge chocolate cake iced in butter cream frosting.  DOUBLE YUM!  I purchased sugar sheets and cut different sized flames out of them.  I then placed them around the sides of the cake and placed a printable cake topper on a skewer showcased in the center of the cake.  Cole’s hot rod ride on toy added a nice touch next to the cake!
There is not a better way to remember your party than by having a custom photo booth.  I created mine simply by hanging black and white checkered fabric on the wall.  I then designed mustaches, hair with side burns, cat like glasses, pink scarfs, and milkshake props.  The birthday boy did not exactly enjoy participating however the rest of my guests couldn’t get enough it it!  Especially the adults!!  Purchase the photo props here.
Each child got a hot rod cardboard car kit I found at Tuesday Morning.  It came with stickers for the kids to decorate and handles for the sides.  They might not be old enough to drive a real car, but they seemed to really enjoy driving these around my house!  
Cole’s Candy Corner was made from an old bookcase and red and white striped fabric.  I bought tons of glass canisters from re-sale shops and filled them with 1950s candy from Nostalgic Candy.  We had lots of fun sampling some candy we had never had before!  Red and white striped paper bags with a Thank You party circle allowed guests to take a bag of candy home as a favor!  I love edible favors.
The full printable party package can be purchased here.
Vendor Credits and Resources:
Flower arrangements, Cake, Styling and Photography: Paula from Party Like Paula
White carnations: Sam’s Club
Oasis Rainbow Foam Powder: Wholesale Floral
Candy and Hot Rod Boxes: Nostalgic Candy
Paper straws, vintage popcorn bags and red and white striped bags: Dime Store Buddy
Sugar sheets and Sundae glasses shown in the Ice Cream Parlor: Hobby Lobby
Bubble gum machine: Big Lots
Hot Rod ride-on toy shown by cake: WalMart
Candy jars, vases, and milkshake/ sundae glasses: My local Goodwill


  1. How cute! Another great boy theme. I particularly like the cardboard cars at the place settings

  2. What a beautiful job you did! love all you details!

    I would love if you would post it and share it with my readers! Join the Community and share any of your creative project!

    Susan @ Oh My! Creative

  3. AMAZING! I am in love with this party!!!

  4. Oh absolutely FABULOUS!!!! Love the ideas, so creative!! Especially the veggies!! :)

    Your attention to detail is just incredible!!
    Thanks you so much for linking up to Bird’s Party!! Hope to see you next month?! :)

  5. What a fun theme. I really love that you got candy from the 50′s for the Candy Corner. Way to stick with the theme. And those favors are too cute as well. Just love it.


  6. love the sundaes! How much floral foam powder did you use?



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