Frugal Foyer

Frugal Foyer
Decorating a foyer can add a fabulous first impression for your house guests.  It sometimes is an awkward space and can be confusing as what to do with it!  Today I’m sharing my Frugal Foyer makeover!
It has been SUPER quiet around here lately.  I thought I would show you what I have been up to.  Besides spending any extra time designing fun new printables for my Party Like Paula shop.  I have been decorating my new house!
 My foyer is rather large and has sat empty since we moved in last summer.  Spending little to no money was my goal.  I put up my folding table and covered it with some old curtains.
 I took the mirror out of my guest bathroom and spray painted it brushed silver.
Then I hung a moss M I made from foam board and a sheet of moss.  Attached some white ribbon to the back for hanging.  I replaced my bathroom mirror with an old mirror I had laying around…if you were wondering!
Then I searched my house for accessories!
On the opposite wall in my foyer I decided to make an area for coats and shoes.  My son comes in from school and drops everything.  It was such a mess and I was tired of looking at it.  My dad took an old closet door and screwed it to the wall.  Then I found these great coat hooks from WalMart and he attached that to the front of the old closet door.
 I placed a chest I had in the other room in front of the old closet door.  This serves as a great seat for my son to put on his shoes AND store his shoes!  I love not being able to see the hot mess that is inside.
 I added an inexpensive rug and viola…
A Frugal Foyer that not only looks pretty but helps me keep it organized and neat!
Here is a sneak peak of what I’m going to be showing you next Monday.  My Party Like Paula office!
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  1. Love the idea of using old curtains as a tablecloth! The door also makes a great backdrop to the hooks & chest. Great job!


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