Halloween Party

Halloween Party
Halloween Parties bring out the kid in everyone.  Today I am sharing my Ghostly Affair with DIY decorations, printable centerpiece, and creative desserts!
The image of a Ghost is the icon for Halloween.  It just made sense to create a “GHOSTLY AFFAIR” printable collection.  I designed black and white backgrounds with pops of orange.  Ghosts, bats, spiders and tombstones finished off the design.

At our “GHOSTLY AFFAIR” party we munched on Ghost Poop (Hershey Kisses Cookies N Cream), Ghost Eyeballs (Malted Milk Balls), Ghost Medicine (Yogurt Covered Raisins) and Ghost Food (Mini Marshmallows).  We also feasted on Ghost Eggs (Rice Krispie Treats) and Ghostly Sweet Tooth’s (Mini Key Lime Cookies).  The main course was a ghost cake.  It was a basic white cake, but I curled white wire and stuck ghost peeps on top.  Then formed a circle out of them on the top of the cake.

Our “GHOSTLY AFFAIR” featured a kid friendly Ghost Bar.  We served up glasses of ice cold milk accented with chocolate ghost faces.  Instead of using messy syrup kids were able to pick a chocolate or strawberry magic milk flavoring straw.  Topped with marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and a cherry it was the perfect MILKTINI!

Activities included an 8 page printable activity book.  It features coloring pages, word scramble, maze and more!  I also designed a printable haunted house centerpiece.  The kids were able to each color their own haunted house, cut, and glue.   It stands up vertically once assembled and turns into the perfect centerpiece any child would be proud of!  These printable activities would be great for your child’s Halloween class party this year.

No party is complete without a trip to the photo booth.  I designed a 10 package Halloween Photo Prop Collection.  It includes an “EEK” & a “BOO” sign, halo, devil horns, bat, spider, lips with fangs, witch hat, cat nose and whiskers, and a mustache.  You can’t go wrong with photo props and kids always have a blast with them.
You can purchase the “GHOSTLY AFFAIR” printable party package here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/102069545/printable-ghostly-affair-packageby-party


  1. How cute! Your collections are so extensive…I LOVE all the options!


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